• The Founder

Madam Minhua Fan, Chairwoman of the board, Chief Executive Officer

Madam Fan Minhua, the founder of Poly Pharm, is an expert in pharmaceutical technologies, graduating from the top pharmaceutical university in China. She presents noticeably charismatic personality with the combination of delicate nature of the Orientals and passionate characteristics of Western pattern. She founded Poly Pharm in her 30s, and now she has gained wide fame in pharmaceutical industry, especially her expertise in drug administration regulations and GMP, small molecule synthesis and formulation developments.

As the helmsman of Poly Pharm, she led the company to develop business and cooperation in US and EU markets since a fairly early time, taking its lead in China for carrying out the strategy of high-quality generic drugs, registration and cGMP integration with EU and US. With her excellent capability of establishing cooperation with EU and US companies, Poly Pharm conjures a bigger-than-expected increase in revenue and profits in the last 5 years and the company has doubled its market value within a year after listing. Madam Fan has been honored as TOP 10 Outstanding Female Entrepreneurs in Hainan for her important contribution and favorable achievements in the industry.

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